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Reasons to Remove a Live Tree


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Pam trees are unique from other trees in that they grow from a single point at the top. They also act as a straw when watered: the palm tree which gets more water will grow faster. Today, we’re going to talk about when it’s safe to trim a palm tree and when you should have it done.

When the palm looks messy

Most trees should be cut during the dormant season or period of slow growth. But, palm trees are the exception to the rule! Any time your palms begin to look unkempt and messy, having them trimmed will bring back their fresh charm. Bottom line, if you think they look like they need trimming, they need it! Removing dead fronds will also cut down on the bug population.

Before hurricane season

Dead palm fronds can turn into projectiles during a hurricane. When combined with velocity, they can be dangerous and damaging. Trim dead palm fronds before hurricanes, so they don’t become a hazard.

After flowering or fruiting

When certain types of palms bear fruit, it can fall beneath the tree and litter the ground, sidewalks, or even fall into swimming pools. The mess can be avoided by cutting fruit stalks or even flowering stalks, so the palm tree never bears fruit. Trimming flower or fruit stalks have the added benefit of preventing the seeds from sprouting and becoming a landscape nuisance.

Avoid weakening the palm tree

Trimming palm fronds which are green will weaken the tree because it’s the green part where photosynthesis takes place which is what helps keep a tree healthy. But, many people hover over their arborist telling them to cut the green fronds thinking this will somehow make them ‘safer’ during a hurricane. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember when we said palm trees have a single point growth spot? It means trimming the green fronds puts them at a higher risk for poor health. Palm tree boots on some palms (Sanibel) are another thing that homeowners sometimes want to cut away for the sake of uniformity.

When palm trees are small, a homeowner may want to trim them himself. If that’s the case, follow these guidelines. However, we trim palms of any size. Indeed, when a tree gets larger, having an arborist trim them will not only keep the tree looking nice, but can also prevent a homeowner from damaging a healthy tree or even being hurt himself.

If your palm tree needs pruning, contact a local professional tree removal expert. They will be happy to come and trim palm trees of all sizes.